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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Worn out tonight-

I've got neck muscles that have been torqued badly enought to cause pain for a week and a half and I really need to make a chiropractor appointment or see a massage therapist. Meds make me drowsy to the point of uselessness.

I did get the outside Christmas lights installed today and took a trip to see my buddy Loc's intended new house. It's big- huge! It's also new and custom throughout and should be a luxurious place to call home once he gets all the paperwork done.

The new kitten- still unnamed, is fitting in around here very well. He's gotten used to his food dish and litter pan being inside a dog kennel and makes it clear when he wants in there. He romps all over the house, plays hard for play time then drops into drooling naps mid-step. The other animals are getting used to him. Wasatch cat is no longer hissing and laying back her ears everytime he walks into a room. He is snuggable and cuddly and hasn't been a bit of trouble. Expensive but no trouble.

I fixed some busted links and added a couple new blogs to my blogroll over there on the right. I'm planning to upgrade my template soon so I can change the way my archives display so if things look wonky over the next few days, that would be the reason. Now it's bedtime.

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